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Eccentric Hues of Kurta Sets by Enaarah

Whenever one thinks of a womens kurta, a coalition of elegance, style and comfort comes to mind; making it one of the most fancied and desired attire in the women’s apparel industry. Kurtas felicitate grandeur and are suitable for every social setting while being equally versatile for day to day errands. Despite being so popular and the most sought-after attire amongst women,  the chances to come across a majestic set of kurta are lesser than one imagines. With a constantly evolving fashion industry, the trends come and go. Kurtas stay as an expressive medium to personalize your attire according to your mood and spirit. You can add a leather purse, chip in a pair of your favorite shoes, go urban with jeans or tag a jacket on. The combinations seem to be limitless. However, accessories tend to just add on and amplify  the look you’re striving to achieve. We believe colors and design play a huge role to translate your energy and make you stand out from the rest. We’ve created a whimsical collection of kurta sets for your next favorite piece, inspired by eloquent modern designs and classic palette of colours, inspired by nature itself. Take a tour of some of our timeless and flamboyant pieces of ethnic suits, carved with extravagant detailing to material, design and colour.

We at Enaarah focus on providing such ethnic-cultural clothing with our excellent Festive collection such as mulmul sets, Kurti, and others showcasing the Indo Fusion wear.

Cyan Blue Silk Velvet Set

Like we mentioned our eye for intricate details to material, this 2-piece-set is graced with manually detailed embroidery around the neck, on the sleeves and ghera. A must-have to accentuate your workplace charm, this magnificent design is made of finest silk velvet and is a treat for your skin. This delicately crafted piece, paired with the wilful and wayward cyan blue, is a perfect blend of boldness and poise. Meant for the dreamy and frolicking one who’s always on the move and spreads smiles along the way.

Teal and Grey Velvet Set

When we talk about the classic and the timeless, teal seems to be the traditionally established choice. With traces of sagacity embedded with time, our combination of kurta and sharara in Teal and Grey Velvet Set radiate elegance. The kurta comes made of finest and lustrous silk, adorned with stellar lace detailing by notable artisans along with a beautiful latkan. The sharara is equally mesmerising as kurta. It flaunts an identical lace detailing and an intricate hint of embroidery. The color and design creates an eternal attire, a quick reform for a meeting or an exuberant traditional event, our Teal and Velvet Set is designed to charm.

Tea Green Bell Tassel Kurta

With conscious direction to aesthetics and by keeping comfort the priority, Tea Green Bell Tassel Kurta comes in a pair of tea-green kurta and pants. The kurta comes along with a slip, shows a fine display of cut-work to enhance the zest on an eye pleasing hue of green. The sleeves are delicately embroidered, handcrafted within the shades of tea-green and ivory. A compelling charisma is going to be a second nature in this stunning and pleasing attire.

Salmon Organza Yoke Kurta Set

Perfect to slay on a casual outing or to make a prominent first impression, this salmon pink kurta parades finely pleated organza details and is made of 100% cotton cut-work fabric. The pearl white pants add to the glow of the kurta. The Salmon Organza Yoke Kurta Set can be enhanced with almost any accessory and be styled according to the event.

Butter Tassel Kurta Set 

The Butter Tassel designer kurta sets boasts a 100% cotton, sunflower yellow kurta with finely detailed manual floral thread work along the neck and lace trimmings. The kurta set radiates cheerfulness and is a balanced fit of design and simplicity to make this an everyday fit. The color in itself serves as a pleasing palette to the eyes and can be flaired all year long.