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How to Take Care of Your Precious Silk and Velvet Garments

We at Enaarah believe in handcrafting each and every clothing that equates with us. We attempt to elevate the aura and singularity of each design by paying innate attention to every particular aspect that comes along the lines of fabricating effortless designs inspired by the hues of nature. This is something that roots from our appreciation and unfathomable love for designer kurtas. We all love our designer kurta sets and each addition to our collection feels like a personal, abysmal relationship that we fondly take on. Attaching to the deep rooted love and adding on to the uniqueness of all the kurtas in general, we give our designs a gentle peck of comfort, elegance and lush by threading them around the grand fibers of silk and velvet.

Silk and velvets are like an alluring experience. We are sure that all the velvets and silks in your wardrobe were added to your wardrobe very consciously and meticulously. Our timeless designs come from our ability to comprehend the need and desire of every silk or velvet related style to be timeless and an original. They are a long-term relationship after all. So when it comes to taking care and keeping the character of your fabric intact, there comes the need to be precise and vigilant in the steps you take to prolong these things.

Usually it is recommended to let professionals at your local and trusted dry cleaner’s space as silk and velvets can serve to be a heavy investment. Nevertheless, our products are handmade and we encourage your ardor to nurse your favorite clothes to a long life.

How to: Wash Silk

  • Consider handwashing your silk clothing as these fibers can be harmed easily leaving the delicate hand touch in distress.
  • Stay away from bleach and always look for a silk friendly detergent.
  • Start by placing your garment in cold water for few minutes with your preferred detergent.
  • Take the garment out of the water and work around it gently and delicately. Remember that your garment is most vulnerable right now and how you handle it matters now the most.
  • Use cold water to rinse away the residue and lay it flat to dry after manually drying it with a hand towel.
  • In case you feel that the fabric has gone a little brittle, you can use a fabric conditioner to hydrate the garment and then wash again with cold water.
  • Keep your silk away from the sun, avoid folding the fabric to avoid creases and always keep them in a cool space on a hanger.

How to: Wash Velvet

  • Start off by meticulously reading the label by your seller or by consulting at the time of purchase. Some velvets can be hand washed and machine washed whereas some are recommended to only dry clean. So always be informed.
  • If you come across any creases you may flip the garment inside out and then steam over the probable crease areas. In situations of rigid creases you can boil water in a utensil and gently rub against the spots. Make sure the garment stays dry throughout the process.
  • Avoid ironing velvet. When we suggested steaming over the crease spots, it wasn’t an invitation to iron. Irons may not only burn your fabric, it will also leave a mark on your garment. Always consider steaming, it will do the job in majority of cases.
  • If you accidentally damaged your precious velvet garment and are looking for some hope. Take it to a trusted dry cleaners shop. 90 percent of times there is a beam of green light for your fabric to come back looking as fresh as original.
  • Velvet is a posh choice for parties and classic rendezvous. It is very easy to be in a sticky situation where a drink might accidentally spill on your garment. Avoid soaking up the liquid or blotting the wet area, instead take off the garment and try to shake the garment to get rid of the moisture. Velvets are very delicate and any unnatural presses or stretches can ruin their texture.