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Kurta Sets in Color Palettes that Age Like Wine

Winter can be easily felt around us and is assuredly spotted within the 2D realm due to the frosty atmosphere and vivid contrast. Believe it or not, nature is somewhat of an artist itself and its constantly changing seasons are prime examples of that. With every change it brings a certain color palette to life. An array of hues that sit at their supreme for a period of time as they effortlessly dissolve into nature itself.

We have addressed in the past, the versatility of womens kurta and their diversity in the endless ways of styling them. Winter must be no different, not always would you be needed to feel like a walking woolen ball by stacking up on multiple layers of clothing. Our new arrivals are out to charm and we take pride in the beautiful hues they come in. We realize that winter is an opportunity to create and refurbish a plethora of attires for the ones who have an eye. To commemorate the artistic tenacity of nature’s colors this winter, we present you a few handpicked womens kurta sets designed with precision and aesthetic flair.

We at Enaarah focus on providing such ethnic-cultural clothing with our excellent Festive collection such as mulmul sets, Kurti, and others showcasing the Indo Fusion wear.

Zari Black Velvet Kurta
A fine example of traditional zari craft epitomizes the beauty of the warming velvet. The contrasting black sits merrily in winter’s color palette and intricate detailing of royal blue on the neck radiates tranquility. Reputed craftsmen’s prominent detailing can be noticed on the edges through gold embroidery in this handcrafted kurta set.

Zari Royal Blue Velvet Kurta
Royal blue is the color that symbolizes sophistication, elegance and rich taste. This kurta set is designed to express the same. Extreme details on the edges, neck, sleeves and ghera can be easily appreciated within the first glance.The complimenting sky blue in this handcrafted zari kurta set makes this suitable to add it in your winter wardrobe.

Sea Green Silk and Gota Kurta
This minimalistic kurta set revolves around skilled art forms and a pleasing color tone. This sea green kurta is exemplary to bloom in the environs of winters. It flaunts finely blended lace detailing on the sleeves along with a hint of gota work throughout. Garrisoned on chanderi silk, this kurta set comes paired with a beautiful organza.

Ecru Floral Motif Set
Designed to impress, this beautiful palette come resting in ethnic suits. The kurta, dupatta and pants are intricately lace detailed at the bottom and the neck. One can witness the complex thread motif embroidery as the bold hue of the entire set captivates upon the first glimpse. The dupatta comes in a form of a benevolent floral jaal design which is also completely handmade by cultured professionals.

Butter Floral Vine Cotton Set
Yellow is probably the most vibing color and when talking about standing out, the list would be incomplete without it. This butterfly kurta comes as a three piece set as the ravishing pearl white threads intertwine for vine like patterns on pure muslin cotton. The bottoms come with fringe like detailing as the pearl design studded dupatta makes this an innately amorous winter affair.